Solving Customer ‘Pain Points’ With Customizable DCIM


As the IT industry keeps evolving and data center requirements become increasingly complex, Micro Partners found its customers demanding more. They wanted flexible Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) options that were both user-friendly and easy to integrate. Solutions their customers could utilize to drive predictive analysis with the capability of customized asset tracking and monitoring in real time.

When Micro Partners set out to find the right fit for their diverse customer base, they were looking for a solution that simplified DCIM integration and provided a more uniform method of monitoring assets across multiple vendor environments.


Micro Partners chose to partner with Methode Data Solutions because of its unique approach to DCIM: an integrated software and hardware suite delivering continual data capture behind the scenes to help Data Center managers drive more informed decisions regarding the health of their IT assets. More specific, a DCIM solution that was intuitive enough to alert managers of potential problems, while providing opportunities to boost operational efficiency.


DCIM has quickly become a vital tool for data center managers, providing them with more operational information than ever before. With so many DCIM products on the market, one of the biggest obstacles to avoid is adopting a solution that overruns users with too much data and too many alarms when what’s really needed is the right metrics to truly provide a comprehensive view of the state of health.

As every Data Center customer has different pain points and priorities, Micro Partners felt it was important to take a different approach to DCIM and how they could offer it to their customer base. They turned to Methode for an integrated DCIM suite that could meet each of its many customers’ different requirements – without clutter or confusion.

“Working with Methode has enabled our team to work closely with our customers to assemble their own custom-tailored DCIM solution,” said Paul Gohil, enterprise sales manager for Micro Partners. “Using real-time data, we can quickly paint a bigger picture to understand the current state of the data center (at the rack level and across the floor) and help customers make more informed decisions to address their unique pain points.”

Using Methode’s intelligent cabinet, Micro Partners customers can help their Facilities and IT managers consolidate monitoring and control functions using a single IP address – a great differentiator from other solutions in the market.

Take for example ‘power draw’ measurements and how they can be taken continuously to provide Data Center managers with a better understanding of peak and valley usage, and the opportunity it allows to redistribute load based on need. Capacity planning can also be improved with a more accurate picture of true use. “Understanding key data like this can help companies better manage their assets today and strategically plan for tomorrow,” Gohil said.

Custom metrics help prevent catastrophic data center disasters every day. Such is the case with in-rack temperature and air flow sensors that alert to overheating or fire, allowing for immediate response and reduction of loss. User authentication can ensure only approved personnel can access a cabinet or assigned asset. Alert notifications are then sent in real time when there’s any unauthorized movement or change. Methode’s intelligent DCIM cabinet equips data center managers to react and respond – before a mission critical event occurs.

With positive customer feedback and new products coming online, Micro Partners sees a lasting relationship with Methode and its suite of customizable DCIM solutions. More than ever before, Methode’s turn-key DCIM is saving companies time and money by monitoring the right information at the right time.

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