Flexible Heating Elements

Methode's MDC division designed an environmentally friendly flexible carbon-fiber heating element as an alternative to flat, flexible heater products. Used in a wide variety of applications and customer end products, our innovative heating elements are made of stranded carbon fiber and terminated by Methode's patented Sonicrimp® technology. Our technology gives customers a higher efficiency solution for a variety of applications. The carbon-fiber heater elements can be customized to fit customer's unique specifications and are utilized in the following applications:

  • Portable food warming ovens
  • Catering warming ovens
  • Picture/space heaters


DurableMDC's flexible heating elements are not susceptible to increased resistance or cracked traces when subjected to repetitive flexes or stringent, crease-bending specifications.

Flexible Low Power Supply OptionsOur innovative, flexible carbon-fiber heater can be powered by either AC or DC power.

Environmentally FriendlyUsed for precise and reliable electrical termination, Methode's patented Sonicrimp technology eliminates the need for solder, lead or etched copper elements.

Technische Bibliothek

MDC Thermal Pad Data Sheet

[PDF 1.62 MB]

MDC Mesh Heater Data Sheet

[PDF 1.68 MB]

MDC Foil Heater Solutions Data Sheet

[PDF 1.6 MB]

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